Transformative Backpacking Expeditions


Foster the Earth is dedicated to helping vulnerable children and young adults in the Foster Care system through exposure to the great outdoors.

Our belief is simple, tried and true: by experiencing the challenges and healing power of extended time in the wild, participants will come away with a deeper respect for themselves, their capacity, and their place in the natural world. Acquiring the skills to accomplish this will be a tool kit they can lean on throughout every aspect of their lives while becoming future advocates for wild places.


Our Program

Foster the Earth is a 7-month program starting in March each year. We meet once a month for day hikes, where participants learn the skills needed to embark on a week-long backpacking trip at the end of the program. Each month, our hikes add more distance and altitude, and leaders provide education in Leave No Trace, Wilderness First Aid, and backcountry travel. Through this journey, we will be deepening our connection to nature and creating an experience of a lifetime.


Our Impact

"For years I've been struggling to find something that would cure me of emotional scars that kept building up. I tried exploring for solutions that would help me seek what I was missing. Luckily, I found my therapist and her name is MOTHER NATURE. Without Foster the Earth I wouldn't have visited her. Because of Foster the Earth, my mind, body and spirit are getting stronger and healthier."

- Nabihah Abdulmalik / 2018 Participant