Meet Our Operations Team


Mollie Symons


Hailing from a tiny village called Port Williams in Nova Scotia, Canada, Mollie has delighted in a life spent close to the radiant ocean. It is her happy place, her thriving place, her favorite place where she feels entirely alive. Currently working for the YMCA as rural immigrant settlement staff member, Mollie will soon be returning to university to study ocean sciences with a focus on climate change science, environmental protection, and sustainable aquaculture practices. Mollie stumbled upon Foster the Earth's Instagram page one day and instantly became excited and deeply inspired by it. That inspiration only continues to grow and flourish day by day and she is beyond thrilled and honored to be a part of this incredible, uplifting, and huge-hearted team as a grant writer.


Jenna fabian


Growing up living with my Sicilian grandmother and listening to her stories, I always yearned to know what life was like in another part of the world. I grew evermore curious throughout the years, picturing myself living in a far away land, meeting people from all walks of life. This desire to connect with others and my intense travel bug led me to live and backpack around Europe and Oceania. Each of my travels were inspiring in its own way, however, it wasn't until the very end of my last trip when I went swimming with humpback whales off the eastern coast of Australia that I realized what all my experiences had finally led up to: one short moment in the wild—the purest, most simple, peaceful moment of my life. A moment that could have healed all wounds. One moment in the wild changed my life, and I am proud to be part of an organization that offers life-altering moments like this to a community of people who may need them the most.