Meet Our Montana Leaders


Carter hoffman

Carter grew up in Carlsbad, CA where he spent most of his time at the beach playing volleyball and surfing. He studied biochemistry at UCSB where he conducted research on marine mussels, and where his interests in being outside grew. He currently lives in Bozeman, MT where he is pursuing a Ph.D in chemical engineering at Montana State. Carter is a self-proclaimed backpacker for life, and in his free time enjoys any outside activity, like rock and ice climbing, snowboarding, fly fishing and trail running. 


Olivia Kern

Olivia was raised in the Bitterroot Valley in Western Montana. Her proximity to nature and her adventurous parents instilled a passion for all the opportunities the mountains have to offer. Her love for mountain tops lead her everywhere from ski mountaineering 200 miles north of the arctic circle in Norway to ski touring the Canadian Rockies of British Columbia. Her love of skiing in the winter and mountain biking and hiking in the summer brought Olivia to Bozeman, Montana. She’s currently finishing up her degree in public health and spending her free time playing in the mountains. Olivia feels honored to be part of the Bozeman chapter of Foster the Earth. Her most impactful and empowering life experiences have derived from her time in nature and she wants everyone to have the opportunity to feel the same magic she feels among the streams, trees, and mountains. Olivia cares deeply about the youth in her community and she can’t wait to share her knowledge with others so that more people can spend a lifetime soaking up the power of nature with confidence, responsibility, and passion.