Meet Our Directors

Erin Mc Bride Bio.jpg

Erin Mcbride


This is my life. Mother of two and friend to many. I'm a surfer and a dreamer. A soul searcher, climbing over tall peaks and through expansive valleys to reach clarity. I come from alpine-loving parents. At the age of three I moved to a place that my heart never left, Kirkwood. In my youth, being held and comforted by her strong and majestic beauty, I guess you could say my blood runs thick with the back country. It's home.

I have a deep-rooted dream to open the eyes of my own kids as well as those less fortunate. My heart's desire is to help guide each participant through the healing whispers and shouts of the great outdoors.

Sarah Hughen Bio.jpg

Sarah hughen


Sarah was born in rural Wisconsin. Her upbringing was deeply rooted in nature, and her draw to wild places has led her all over the world. A desire to connect, and not just move through places found her on numerous extended expeditions including a 100 day kayak and first-ascent mountaineering trip in Southern Patagonia, a 90 day paddle across Northern Canada, and a photography expedition down the Mackenzie River for 1,000 miles documenting local villages in the Arctic. Sarah received a formal degree in photography from Montana State, and currently lives in Encinitas with her husband of 15 years and two young boys Oliver and Evan.

Living in Southern California, Sarah made a deep connection to the lessons that surfing brings, and is hopelessly addicted to the ocean. Her most recent project (A Wave A Day) involved an awareness campaign for breast cancer in which she vowed to surf every single day for a year, while documenting her inspiring personal challenge. Sarah is excited and honored to be a part of Foster the Earth, and hopes to bring all facets of her life experiences to the program and continue to inspire the youth of our world.


Ryder England


Ryder was born and raised in Southern California. He spent five years living in Lake Tahoe where he realized that the mountains are something everyone can heal and grow from. When not working with Foster the Earth he is a photographer, writer, and documentary filmmaker. He recently spent three months cycling through southern Mexico, climbing the highest peaks of the Mexican Alpine, and documenting the family values and Mayan traditions of the Yucatán Peninsula.

The trails have always been a place of security for Ryder. Something about the melodic rhythm of one foot in front of the other allows him to tune out the world’s distractions and open himself up to the natural world around him. His first backpacking trip was in high school and from that first day on trail he’s been hooked. It is now a priority of his to share the values of minimalism and the importance of setting aside time to reconnect with nature.